My first trip to Italy was spectacular. My dear friend Clare and I took a flight from Gatwick to the beautiful island of Venice. We spent 4 days there and stayed inthe Generator Venice, a very stylish and modern student hostel in the Zatare area that is across from the mainland. The architecture was like no place else; it honestly felt like we had taken a trip in a time machine all the way back to the 1800s. The architecture appeared untouched since its past but unfortunately tourism had taken over every thing else. We found that it was very expensive to eat or even have a coffee, so I wouldn't go to Venice on a budget holiday as a student again or recommend it to budget travellers. The shops were like identical clones of each 
other; souvenir shops after souvenir shops that all sold the same items. However, we weren't there to shop, we've got London for that and we had the artistic gems of Venice in mind. We therefore made the most of our trip going to 
quirky photo spots and art galleries such as the Peggy Gugenheim museum and visiting all of the spectacular surroundings that Venice had on offer. 
Sophie Louise Middleton