This Soho Salon is offering Liquour and Chocolate this V-Day

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blade hairclubbing

26 Frith Street

It turns out that Blade HairClubbing on Frith Street in Soho knows a thing or two about romance.

This edgy, retro salon may just be a cut above the rest of London's snazzy-snippers, transforming itself into a crafty and stylish bar with what it calls a 'no nonsense approach to genuine drinking joy'. 

To get Londoners in the mood this Valentine's Day, Blade Hairclubbing will be offering all couples who book in together between 14th - 17th Feb a Bourbon and Vegan Chocolate Tasting. 

Sexy hair, maybe a new look, strong liquour and fine-quality chocolate - is that an aphrodisiac or what!?

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Known to create feelings of euphoria, raw cacao contains the mood booster, anandamide — known as at the bliss molecule, which gives you a high. And, it turns out this chocolate comes from a company called LoveChock that packs 93% of the good stuff in its Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars.

Errr, yes please? 

The Bourbon and Chocolate tasting will begin with a flight of three variations of the  Four Roses Bourbons, each paired with a different chocolate by LoveChock.

 Fall in love with a 

Fall in love with a 

And get this, if you happen to have a love heart tattoo, you can get a free pour of Bourbon on the house! Located on the iconic Frith Street in Soho, guests can sneak out and just 8 doors down can visit Frith Street Tattoo to get a love heart and pop back into the salon for another pour!

If you want the kind of Valentine's treat that Courtney Love and Curt Kobain would have been all over before a night-out in Soho, then find out more at:

Blade HairClubbing