The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn

  Boasting an ideal location between the consortium of jazzy theatres, restaurants and shops in the affluent Covent Garden and Waterloo station just 10 minutes away is the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn.

  This coffee-fuelled, macbook-trendy cafe come communal workspace has really grown from its youthful flush back in 2015, just a year on from its opening. Note that I spent many afternoons writing in their cafe space, tearing my hair out over Contemporary Abstract French Poetry commentaries with ample cups of cappuccinos to soothe my 'Heidegger woes'. (This was actually the subject title of an email I sent to my tutor at the time. He was genuinely quite hurt by the subject title of this email).

  Returning here now, it's easy to see that the Hoxton Holborn has become the go-to hangout for London's trendy, entrepreneurial, young workforce. Please note though that you'll need to have eyes of a hawk to get a seat or perhaps sufficient muscle strength to fight someone off their lush sofas and coffee tables.

  In the downstairs lobby and cafe, guests can loll between responding to emails, face-timing friends, having a coffee, reading the paper and ordering some food. It's clear to see that this multi-faceted hotel effortlessly accommodates to the demands of both work and leisure and conveniently dissolves much of the burden associated with work altogether. And upstairs offers even more.

  During Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday, my partner and I reviewed their second biggest room, the 'Cosy'. The Hoxton offers 4 different sizes of room: the Shoebox, the Snug, Cosy and the Roomie. Cute names, right?

  You'll be pleased to know that the only thing that differs between each room is the size.
All of the furnishings, decor and facilities are the same. There's nothing worse than feeling like you've really missed out on something because you couldn't afford it and I love the way the Hoxton offer the same experience to each customer. Guests can choose their size of room depending on their budget but this ensures that even in the Shoebox, you'll receive an experience almost identical to that of the guests in the Roomie.



Upon entering the first things we noticed were...

  • the radio turns on when you slot your card key in the dock

  • the room is beautifully clean and smells fresh and fragrant

  • the room has a very laid-back, fashionable interior comprised of soft greys, a caramel leather headboard and chair, jet black gadgets that are all complemented by warm, golden lighting

  • a beautiful circular mirror against the bed, again with fantastic backlit lighting, perfect for getting ready and (perhaps for more romantic feats!)

  • personal touches throughout such as branded stationary, cups, telephone all adding to the exclusive feel of staying at with the Hoxton

Settling in we found that...

  • The TV moves out from the desk and turns towards the bed so you can watch telly in ultimate comfort

  • The TV screen is very sharp and clear with a handful of key UK based channels

  • The rooms have AC with the control located above the telephone by the bed for easy access

  • The beds are extremely comfortable with extra pillows in a pull-out drawer under the bed

  • There are UK plug sockets throughout the room, including on either side of the bed in arms reach, so you can charge your phone and leave it by the bedside (a must of mine)

Hidden in the cabinet there are...

  • branded mugs, kettle, teas and coffee (milk and water are in the fridge for these too!)

  • tea-bag dish (above) Can you see what's written inside?

  • a survival guide outlining what the hotel offers, where to go nearby, what your stay includes

  • hoxton hotel guide - where you can tick off which restaurants and landmarks you love/hate in the area

The bathroom...modern, flawlessly clean and a good size.

What we loved most about the room...

  • all of the little personal touches such as the breakfast bags, a radio that connects to your phone through bluetooth as a speaker and all of the branded stationary and guidebooks on the desks

  • the flat-screen tv that pulls out of the cabinet and turns to face the bed

  • the sexy mirror against the bed with backlit lighting

  • the fresh, stylish and modern design of the rooms, including the bathrooms

Room Service - Breakfast

Ordering breakfast the next morning was an absolute breeze. The menu is included in the hotel information brochure in your bedroom and they had a great choice of breakfast classics cooked in the main restaurant Hubbard & Bell downstairs. We telephoned to order and within no more than 15 minutes was our food knocking at our door!

We ordered the full english breakfast, scrambled eggs with a side of smoked salmon and fruit salad with freshly squeezed orange juice (a must-have here) and a cappuccino.

I'd strongly recommend coming here for a romantic getaway with your beau or as somewhere to stay for a weekend visiting London's West End. For tourists travelling from abroad, you have a bank, supermarket and underground within 3 minutes walk to the right of the hotel and theatres, shops and restaurants to your left towards Covent Garden. You also have two restaurants within the hotel so you'll never go hungry as well as two Mac computers in the reception; everything you need is here for a stress-free stay. Their service is fantastic and staff are full of enthusiasm and are on hand to help if you have any questions or requests. The Holborn Hotel is opening its doors to guests in Paris and Brooklyn soon so it would be well worth checking in with them if you're travelling to either of those enviable cities. 

To find out more about The Hoxton Hotel:

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A big thank you to the Hoxton Hotel for sponsoring me for this post in particular to Alice and Marta from the team. All words and opinions are my own.