The 5 eateries set to be the best-designed restaurant of 2018

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The world’s culinary scene is exotic, diverse and authentic, revealing the flavourful tastes of some of the most popular cuisines. Although the number of enchanting restaurants is countless, the following five are coming to the forefront, boasting both design and foods worthy of their reputation. The world’s culinary scene is exotic, diverse and authentic, revealing the flavourful tastes of some of the most popular cuisines. Although the number of enchanting restaurants is countless, the following five are coming to the forefront, boasting both design and foods worthy of their reputation.

1. Gucci Osteria, Florence, Italy

Right in the heart of Florence lies a restaurant that every Gucci aficionado will want to visit. The Gucci Osteria restaurant is nestled in the 14th-century Palazzo della Mercanzia overlooking the Piazza della Signoria, the most popular square in Florence. The restaurant’s location is worthy of the brand’s reputation, nestled in the New Gucci Garden, a museum-retail-like building that also includes an exhibition area, prestigious and exclusive boutique and a cinema. The restaurant’s décor exudes decadence and reflects Gucci’s recognisable style. Chic monochrome napkins and patterned plates in a lovely pink hue embellish every table, standing perfectly against the backdrop of vibrantly green walls with gold engraving.

The chef, Massimo Bottura, has created a menu that celebrates haute cuisine. Not only does the menu present extraordinary culinary delights, but it also captures the glitz and glamour of this world-popular brand. From high-end, playful variants of burgers and hot dogs, regionally-inspired Peruvian tostadas and Asian buns stuffed with pork belly, to luxe meals of cacio e pepe, Parmigiano-Reggiano-enriched tortellini and mushroom risotto, Gucci Osteria guarantees a gastronomic experience of decadence, style and rich flavours. 

2. The Clove Club, London

As one of hottest restaurants in the city, the Clove Club will be the highlight of foodies’ exploration of London’s culinary scene. Once, it was nothing more than a supper club hidden in a casual flat in London. Nowadays, the Clove Club is a star among London’s restaurants, featuring a laid-back atmosphere in a casual setting where guests can simply unwind. Boasting an open-floor concept, this restaurant seduces its visitors with delicious aromas spreading from the open kitchen.

The restaurant’s décor features a modern, playful look, with conspicuously blue tiles decorating the kitchen and giving the interior an authentic appeal. Stylish balance permeates the rest of the restaurant’s décor, featuring a soft beige palette in combination with warm wood tones and sky-blue upholstery. The high ceilings and large windows welcome sunlight into the restaurant, contributing to its open and airy ambiance.

As for the restaurant’s food, the menu boasts signature dishes of chef Isaac McHale, including buttermilk fried chicken, flamed Cornish mackerel and Scottish delights, such as haggis doughnuts. The sweet treat of warm blood orange with ewe’s milk yoghurt mousse and wild fennel granite is one of the most sought-after desserts that no one can resist to. 

3. Vespertine, Los Angeles, U.S.A

After his debut success Destroyer, chef Jordan Kahn’s Vespertine doesn’t fall behind with its unique style and popularity. Located in the enticing Waffle Building, this sensation restaurant occupies the rooftop, with a mesmerising view of the Culver City sunsets. Vespertine is an avant-garde hotspot where guests feel as if they were transported to the future through a time warp. The Vespertine adventure begins in the courtyard that resembles a Zen garden with its concrete seats, where delicious drinks await guest travellers. Afterwards, guests are greeted to the lounge rooftop embellished by bean bag chairs, playful décor and cocktail tables made from the repurposed Dutch workbenches.

it is from a time that is yet to be, and a place that does not exist. It is a spirit that exists between worlds. A place of shadows and whispers.
— Press Release for the Vespertine

The restaurant is imbued with an authentic, unusual, futuristic vibe that leaves its visitors pleasantly puzzled. As for the menu, it’s not less unusual than the restaurant itself, featuring peculiarly arranged foods in equally strange dishware. From enticing appetisers such as pike roe-coated spinach stems and rectangles of mango in stone dishes to bitter hazelnut carob bonbon, the culinary delights are surprising and delicious, leaving guests with a strangely enjoyable experience. 

4. Attica, Melbourne, Australia

Renowned for being one of the world’s most popular restaurants, Attica’s food guarantees a true Australian adventure. The restaurant’s décor is accentuated with a perfect balance between light and shadow, featuring an intimate, chic ambiance. The setting is minimalist in nature, with sparsely set tables covered with perfectly ironed linen and embellished with handmade, woven baskets. Yet, there is no cutlery nor glasses, which captures the essence of restaurant’s minimalism. Such a simple yet enticing design sets the scene for what is yet to come from the kitchen, equipped with premium Miele appliances and filled with seductive aromas.

The menu, carefully crafted by chef Ben Shewry, consists of freshly prepared foods made of ingredients from the garden nearby or the Estate’s collection of native plants. Not only is the food superb, but it also reflects Aussie culture and heritage, featuring unusual delights, such as the signature dish of salted raw red kangaroo with native bunya nuts and purple carrots or the popular specialty of marron, a large, sweet, native crayfish. Beverages are also quite unique, boasting authentic Tasmanian sour beer, unpasteurised sake and South Australian skin-contact wine. 

5. Woodstockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Despite the somewhat reserved nature of Stockholmers, the acclaimed Woodstockholm restaurant is known for its lively ambiance that brings travellers and locals closer together. Located in the heart of Södermalm, Woodstockholm offers a hip, communal dining experience in the recognisably Swedish interior with beautifully crafted blond-wood furniture pieces. The stylish contrast between warm wooden tones and black elements emphasises the simple elegance of Nordic design, accentuated by authentic light pendants and pale, geometric wall pattern. The furniture store next to the restaurant offers the same tables to design lovers, along with the rest of its chic collection. The menu is never the same, changing weekly and featuring a specific theme, which adds to the restaurant’s authenticity. Focusing on sustainable Nordic produce, the dishes are edgy and delicious, featuring themes, such as the Forest or the Last supper. Wild duck with blackberry sauce, scallops with oyster mushrooms and sweetbreads with yellow beets and horseradish cream are just some of the delights that await foodies in this hip restaurant. Each of these restaurants is unique in its own way, presenting their guests with a true culinary adventure in an equally mesmerising setting.

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