Beer & Chocolate Pairing with School of Booze and Dea Latis

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A beer tasting event with Beer Sommelier Jane Peyton is one that you'll never forget. After the fun of her last beer tasting event organised with Friends with Glass, (if you haven't seen my post on the amazing Afternoon Tea Bus tour, then take a look here) I knew that this pre-Easter event with the lovely ladies from Dea Latis would not be one to miss!

The Beer and Chocolate Pairing event at The Clarence Pub in Westminster on March 22nd celebrated the positivity of women working with and enjoying beer. Female guests were encouraged to raise a glass and shake off the misconception that beer is more of a man's drink. What better way to do this and to similarly find some new beer favourites then to learn about how each beer has been made, the unique combination of ingredients that are encased within each bottle and how the variety of aromas in beer can be enhanced through different types of chocolate! 

During the event, we tried five different beers with different chocolates; and with gulp and nibble reflected on our personal favourites and Jane explained through each beer's description why we may have preferred one combination to another.

The beer and chocolate combinations (click on each beer for more information)


After lots of 'mmmmm's and 'aaaaaaah's, it was time to vote for our favourite. Mine was the Erdinger Weissbier with Green & Black's White Chocolate, but it was a very close tie with the Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout with Divine Milk Chocolate, Toffee & Sea Salt. The Nitro Milk Stout won the majority of votes overall; and I wasn't surprised as it boasts a deep chocolate aroma and is made by the Left Hand Brewing Co which is the number one brewery in the U.S based in Longmont, Colorado. (Milk Stout picture and video below)

I left The Clarence feeling elated after a wonderful evening and a great catchup with Jane. I wanted to create a recipe inspired by my favourite combination which was the Erdinger Weissbier and Green and Black's White Chocolate for my friends and I to enjoy on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I created these white chocolate strawberry muffin cakes which turned out to be a super combination with a chilled Erdinger. My friends couldn't believe how well the two treats tasted together with phrases like " I don't know why but it tastes SO good!" I want to share with you all the importance of learning why these combinations work so that you can appreciate the flavour more.

If like me, you're a bit cautious or unsure when you're in the beer fridge in a shop or glancing at the drinks menu in a pub, I'd really encourage you to learn more about beer and find what type suits your taste. Companies like School of Booze and Dea Latis really encourage ladies to discover the wealth of great options out there for us and to feel more confident when choosing a new tipple. What's more, there's lots of fantastic new breweries cropping up and I think it's time that our perceptions of beer as a lads' drink needs to change. To all the lovely ladies reading this: take some inspiration away from the combinations at this event. I'd love to know if anyone else has done the same too!

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