The Search For the #NextCookaholic

  On Monday 6 June, I headed to the Waitrose Cookery School in King's Cross to celebrate the launch of NEFF’s search to find the nation’s Next Cookaholic and have a taster of meals inspired from the home by Masterchef UK finalist Stacie Stewart. 

One of the chefs using the new Slide&Hide oven. The oven has a very slick design and even has a disappearing door.

The innovative design by NEFF targets premium usability, convenience and the Slide&Hide oven even self-cleans.

Stacie has teamed up with NEFF to help them find the UK's 'Next Cookaholic'. With a passion for cooking, baking and also healthy eating with her own health food school 'Eat Naked' near Brighton Beach, Stacie's personalised menu for NEFF has been designed to inspire other foodies like her to enter the competition.  

  Guests first tasted her gluten free sweetcorn fritters which were served as light canapés and some bubbly before the lunch began. (A chef preparing the canapés pictured below)

 The lunch menu was a mix of dishes inspired by home cooking, friendly get-togethers, experimenting in the kitchen and as Stacie explained to me, was born from a love of cooking as a young girl.

  We then tried her Spatchcock chicken provincial with Boulangere potatoes, (the oregano tomatoes and seasoned potaotes went down a real treat) her Beef rendang and Luxury fish pie with black pudding crumble for the main course. My favourite dish was the fish pie; there was a lovely flavour from the leeks and parsley and the balance between the milk and butter was not too rich. The black pudding crumble topping was a really nice twist and also gave the softness of the pie a good balance of texture too as well as saltiness.

  The dessert was a flourless chocolate torte with pistachio cream. I often use pistachio in my desserts, often to garnish my white chocolate brownies and it was great to see that Stacie does too.

  I had a chat with Stacie about her inspiration for cooking, her time on Masterchef UK and her deli 'Eat Naked'. She explained how her love for baking has been a life-long passion, starting from when her Gran and her used to bake together at home (she's originally from Sunderland). Her family would always encourage thirfty cooking and over time she learnt how to make recipes based on what was already in the kitchen. Through experimenting with different ingredients and learning to create recipes based on what ingredients she could get the most use from, Stacie found that her time on Masterchef UK was far less stressful because of the recipes and knowledge of ingredients that she'd built up over time.


In this video I speak about my very own blueberry and bacon stacked pancakes with chocolate sauce.

It was really lovely to meet Stacie - our chat ended with speaking about a mutual love of using avocados in baking!

The Next Cookaholic Competition

  If you'd like to be in with the chance of winning a kitchen's worth of premium NEFF appliances, including the new 'Slide&Hide' oven and the opportunity to be part of the #NEXTCOOKAHOLIC panel, all you need to do is submit a special cooking method, secret ingredient or creative twist along with a photo of the dish to the entry page here by 1st August. Two finalists will then take part in a live cook-off at The Big Feastival in the Cotswolds on the 26th-28th August, where Stacie will announce the winner. I'm definitely going to enter and I really encourage you to do too!

If you'd like to find out more about NEFF or Stacie visit:

NEFF website

Stacie's website

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