EAT: Christmas Menu Review

Article by Dixson and Taison Lee @theedibletwins

One way of getting into the Christmas spirit this year is to try out EAT's new Christmas range. We're always curious whenever small food chains release their own seasonal menus and after all, bringing the Christmas spirit to your lunch in the lead up to Christmas day, makes it that little more exciting. So, what did we go for? 

We decided to start off with their Pigs in Blanket pots. They're served in a small container, and were perfect finger-food to share (or enjoying all to yourself!). EAT also provide the option to have the Pigs in Blankets in a roll but we thought the pot would be better shared between two. The sausage was tasty and so was the crispy bacon wrapped around it but perhaps didn't carry enough Christmassy zealousness.The sharp cranberry sauce on top, complemented the saltiness of the bacon - however, the sausage lacked flavour and relied on these extra components to give it its great taste.

Onto the Brie & Truffle Mac 'n' Cheese. What can we say, who doesn't love a bit of Mac 'n' Cheese? Especially on a cold day where all you want to do is eat something warm and hearty. This definitely did not disappoint. We admit, we were a bit sceptical as to how strong the truffle flavour would be. We expected the cheesy sauce might overpower the dish, however, it really worked! Interestingly, the Mac 'n' Cheese had a unique stuffing crumbling on top as well as a dollop of cranberry sauce. Very festive indeed and surprisingly added to the overall taste itself. The tangy cheese and cranberry sauce was delicious with the fragrant stuffing and strong truffle flavour. Delicious comfort food is what came to mind with each mouthful of the creamy pasta. 

The Cranberry and Turkey sandwich didn't impress unfortunately. We were slightly disappointed as this sandwich reflects the most important part of traditional Christmas eating. The turkey was a bit too dry and there was not enough cranberry sauce in order to compensate this. It was paired with rocket which did add to the flavour of the sandwich as it gave a peppery element - but it wasn't enough to make us go Christmas crackers over another one. 

EAT picture 3.jpeg

Onto the mince pies - these mince pies at EAT were slightly larger than your average mince pie. One bite into them and already you notice how thick and buttery the pastry is. There is a decent amount of filling and the flavour of the sweet spices hits your tastebuds immediately. The cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves instantly made us get in the festive mood! A great addition to a hot drink that's warming your gloved chilly hands.

Overall, this was a nice festive menu and would definitely recommend the Truffle Mac 'n' Cheese in particular as well as the mince pies. We really felt that these elements were the main stars of the show.