Cafe Loren, Camden


Nestled underneath a bridge in London's popular Camden Market is a little gem named Cafe Loren. This coffee shop is one of a kind in London, now serving a variety of shakshuka dishes to savour. The Shakshuka dish is perfect for breakfast as organic eggs fill the dish's centre pooled by a warming, fragrant tomato-based sauce made up of veggies and spices. Cafe Loren offer up to ten different varieties with popular sprinkles of feta cheese, hummous bases, tofu, spinach, leek, pesto or cream. They all sound scrumptious and we certainly found it hard to pick one; don't worry though - you've got the option of trying a trio or three different types of shakshuka for £16.50, a great steal.

The interior is chic, modern and relaxing - and we loved the open kitchen full of fresh smells that sits in the middle of the room joining the front, outside counter full of rainbow cream cheese bagels and treats to the cafe's inside. 


All dishes arrive with fresh arabic bread, a small pot of hummus and tahini (unless you have the hummus based shakshuka filled with their delicious hummus!). And if you're visiting Cafe Loren for breakfast, be sure to try some of the smoothies. 'The Peachy Green', a mix of kale, peach, kiwi and broccoli was a perfect combination to our HomeShuka and Balkan Shuka. Most shakshuka dishes cost around £8.90 and the Cafe is approximately a six minute walk straight up the high street. 

If you're looking to try more eastern Mediterranean cuisine, especially for brunch then I'd strongly recommend getting a bunch of you together and sharing several shakshukas with a mediterranean sharing plate. I'd love to see even more sides on offer such as some lebanese kibbeh, cheese sambousek or cypriot vine leaves. A great, well-kept secret in the heart of Camden.

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