Borough Market Welcomes Chef Jenny Chandler to their Demo Kitchen this November

We're so lucky to have such a variety of food on offer to us at Borough Market. I love wandering around the stalls, marvelling at all of the fresh, seasonal ingredients (and of course, tasting the delicious samples!). However, the purpose of fantastic food markets like this popular Borough hub is to not only for tourists and workers to a grab lunch - be it a scotch egg, hog roast baguette, vegan burger or the newly popular cheese raclette; it's also to buy these exquisite ingredients for tried and tested or new recipes

[Above, the newly remodeled Demo Kitchen Atrium, opened in 2013. It now hosts tourists and hungry guests who can sit down to eat and watch the demo kitchen show every Thursday 12.30-2pm]

With all of these amazing ingredients there for us to use in our cooking, what do we do with them? For newbie cooks, the amount of choice might understandably seem a bit overwhelming - the multitude of choice at the best markets around the world means there's hundreds of recipes out there to choose from when you want to learn how to make one dish.

[Above - the stalls in Borough Market on a crisp Autumn Day, I love how all these warm Autumnal colours radiate from all the fresh produce!]

We all know that cooking can end up becoming fairly time-consuming and the fun and enjoyment gets lost when you don't know much about the products on your shopping list or even how to cook them. That's why Borough Market have started their Demo Kitchen where acclaimed chefs from around the world exhibit their favourite recipes for the public to try at home.

[Above - I loved watching Craft Guilds of Chefs, National Chef of the Year Hayden Groves performing at the Demo Kitchen throughout the month of October and I can't wait to see Jenny when she begins from November 3rd.]

Borough Market welcomes Chef Jenny Chandler to the Demo Kitchen this November

Jenny Chandler is an acclaimed chef, author, teacher, consultant and blogger. From Nov 3rd, Jenny will be joining the Demo Kitchen to show us how to cook with pulses and inspire us to incorporate them into our everyday cooking.

Jenny is the special ambassador for the International Year of Pulse for Europe hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

‘Pulses are the chameleons of the kitchen’
— Jenny Chandler

Jenny's food travels have taken her from London, to America, Australia, Italy, to Spain and France. She's also taught on board an Italian yacht, studied Catalan at University and lived in Barcelona. After discovering how integral and wholesome pulses are to the Meditarranean diet, Jenny wants to share the wealth of benefits involved when we incorporate pulses into our vie quotidienne.

What to expect this November

Jenny will be taking us on a gastronomical journey, teaching us how to use pulses in a variety of iconic dishes from across four continents of the globe.

In particular, Jenny will be focusing on these key recipes of her 'Global Pulse' Tour:

November 3rd - The Americas

The U.S.A - 'Ultimate Chilli Con Carne'
Mexico - 'Refried Beans'
Peru - Butter Bean, Quinoa and Avocado Salad

Top tips: To soak or not to soak, cooking methods, when are the pulses ready?

Thursday 10th November - Africa

Egypt, Sudan and The Middle East - Fuls Medames
Morocco - Spiced Lentil Soup
West Africa - Peanut Soup

Top tips: Batch cooking and knowing how to store cooked beans & cooking for the days ahead

Thursday 17th November - Asia

Afghanistan - Mung Bean and Vegetable Stew
India - Chana Chaat
Indian SubContinent - Dal

Top tips: Quick cooking with pulses, the 'no-soak' varieties and simple salads.

Thursday 24th November - Europe

France - Wild Mushroom and Lentil Soup
Spain - Chickpeas with Prawns
Greece - Fava with Seared Squid

Top tips: Which pulse to use with which dish? When to choose more pricey varieties of pulses, the differences with pulses in texture and appearance.

Jenny's Global Pulse DemoKitchen Preview

A small selection of journalists joined Jenny on October 11th to experience an exclusive sneak peak of some of her demos which are set to take place every Thursdsay of November from 12.30 - 2pm. 

Jenny created a number of signature dishes for us using two popular choice of pulses: the black bean and the fava bean.

Black bean quesadillas

Jenny first showed us how to make Black bean quesadillas using wheat flour tortilla stuffed with wendsleydale cheese and as suggested 'whatever else comes to hand' (I love this element of spontaneity with the Meditarranean and Mexican cuisine!). Jenny showed us how to cook the black beans by placing them on a low heat with chopped onions.

Whilst cooking up her delicious recipe, Jenny spoke to us about the benefits of using pulses for our health and also the benefits for the environment.

 why Jenny encourages cooking with pulses:

  • Pulses have been a worldwide staple crop for up to a thousand years!
  • They're one of the most sustainable crops around - this means they're grown with very little or no harm to the environment, provide fair treatment to workers and help to support and sustain local communities
  • Pulses improve soil fertility, require relatively small amounts of water to grow and can be cultivated on marginal lands in some of the world's harshest climates
  • From an economic point of view, pulses are cheap and have a long shelf life
  • Pulses are also good for your health! They are an incredibly healthy source of protein, iron and nutrients.

We all got stuck in layering up our quesadillas with cheese, jalapeno chilli peppers, spring onions, guacamole, a small handful of coriander leaves, tomato salsa and sour cream. Black beans have so much flavour and are really wholesome and filling; perfect for vegetarians or for the winter season!  The combination of flavours were perfect and so comforting too. 

The next recipe we made was the fava bean falafels. 

This was another simple recipe Jenny showed us using soaked fava beans and fresh spices and herbs packed with flavour. Jenny blitzed the soaked fava beans in a blender with 1/2 chopped red onion, a small finely chopped chilli, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 2 tsps roasted and ground cumin, 1 tsp of roasted and ground coriander seed, 1 large handful of parsley, 1 large handful of coriander leaves, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda and blitzed into a green paste. 

We helped Jenny to roll them into balls and she then deep fried them in sunflower oil (you can also use olive oil in a shallow deep fry) for about 4-5 minutes. Serve the falafels with tahini, pitta bread, in crisp lettuce, some tarator sauce (walnut and garlic sauce) or tzatziki to dip it into - [you can also freeze the mixture to make another time!]

We had a fantastic time with Jenny and I can't wait to see some of her other recipes that will take place soon next month! Thank you very much to Borough Market for a wonderful evening and for hosting us for this event. Jenny has also written a fantastic book titled 'Pulse' which you can buy here

[Above - Me helping Jenny to make guacamole for the black bean quesadillas by zesting some fresh limes!]

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