Ciao Gusto Launches in the U.K with Ocado

Ciao to my Fabulous Foodies both familiar and new. I've got some great news to share with you today. If you've ever visited Italy, you will have surely come across one of the 30 brands that Ciao Gusto have brought to the U.K when buying food in the grocers or supermarkets. They've curated a consortium of 30 popular brands that launched mid-may and are now available to purchase online on their website or from Ocado in their new authentic Italian Shop. Designed to bring authentic Italian cooking to British kitchens, their variety of classic products are easy to use and incorporate the best flavours from the Italian cuisine.

On the 28th September, I visited the Giovanni Rana restaurant on Triton Street to celebrate the launch of these products alongside some familiar faces in the food industry and a selection of key companies who have joined together to support this partnership with Ocado.

The night offered a selection of taster dishes that were created using the 30 products in the consortium. On arrival, we enjoyed Prosecco with an additional brand named Santal whose peach juice we added to make bellinis, RioMare Tuna, Cirio chopped tomatoes, Giovanni Rana fresh ravioli, and the well-known Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oils. 

During the aperitivo from 6.30 onwards, guests mingled and enjoyed the canapés using the Frumi crostinis topped with RioMare tuna, basil cream, ponti sundried tomatoes which were delicious! The second canapé incorporated Frumi crostinis again, this time with Amica Chips and octopus from Medusa which I've purchased when abroad from the supermarket and always loved!

We sat down to dinner with a typical Italian dinner of endless delicious courses, mostly pasta-based using products like the Cirio passata, Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil, Barilla arrabbiata sauce, Parmalat Chef heavy cream, Parmareggio 30-month old Parmigiano and the signature Giovanni Rana Italian Indulgence Crumbly Ricotta, Shredded Spinach and Marscarpone Ravioli.

Giovanni Rana and Ciao Gusto kindly provided us with a list of each dish with a recipe. My favourites were the Ravioli with Amalfi Lemon & Ricotta as I'm a big fan of using lemon with parmesan with my pasta and I thought the canapés were an excellent option for nibbles at a dinner party similar to small bruschetta or pastry vol-au-vents.

Cannelloni with Asparagus, Mozzarella, Tomato and Béchamel Sauce using Barilla cannelloni pasta tubes, Auricchio mozzerella, Filippo Berio olive oil, Cirio tomato passata, Parmalat Chef béchamel sauce and Parmareggio 30 month old Parmigiano Reggiano to taste.


The 30 month old Parmareggio Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Our menu for the night - a real Italian feast using the authentic products from Ciao Gusto

Out of the suggested dessert recipes, I personally loved their dairy-free Gelato with Homemade biscuits, served with fresh summer berries. I had a lovely evening meeting new faces such as Panache PR, Sweetapple PR, WithersWorldwide and seeing familiar faces such as the Editor of BBC GoodFood Magazine. Before dinner we listened to several speeches and raised a glass to welcome Ciao Gusto to the U.K. 

We look forward to driving sales in the next few months
— Ocado

Sue Wilkins, Founder Panache PR and Gillian Carter, Editor of BBC GoodFood enjoying a catch-up at the event.

Massimo Tuzzi from Zonin 1821 eyeing up the Octopus canapés from Frumi and Medusa

Myself and Zarya Williams from Panache PR, talking food blogging, living in South London and our favourite Italian foods!

We had a fantastic night trying these fantastic recipes using Ciao Gusto's range of classic Italian brands. You can now purchase their products online from Ocado in Ciao Gusto's own authentic Italian shop here.

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This was a sponsored post to promote the launch of Ciao Gusto - all views are words are my own. Photographs are a mix of the Photographer on site and my own.