Lunch at The Four Seasons, Park Lane

 Another year has flown by for me guys and I have another wonderful experience to share with you all to celebrate. Lunch at The Four Seasons in Park Lane.

Forgive me for the minimal posts recently. I feel like 23 has marked the start of 'adulthood' in my life. In June, I graduated from King's and now I have a job writing Facilities Management contracts for some of London's most prestigious buildings and centres (something I had NO clue even existed before I got the job). I found this job after searching for jobs that need 'writing' skills thinking I'd be somewhat prepared with my writing experienced. Boy was I wrong. Oh yes, and did I mention, on top of this, I'm still working on my blog pretty much full-time too.

  Now don't get me wrong; I do love my clothes, cosmetics, gadgets but I'm not much fussed with them at the moment. I don't drink much either luckily (alcohol prices in London are astronomical!) etc. and so I personally prefer to treat myself to eating out or for things towards my blog like my new Macro lens. 

  The reason I choose to write about dining at luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons at Park Lane is not to show off (I'm sure that can easily seem the case at times!) but because I genuinely want to discover what the guest experience here is really like and tell you all about it! I also grew up in Dubai and I guess without even realising it, a lot of the hotel and restaurant experiences I was lucky enough to test out from a young age at places like the Atlantis Hotel or The Westin (see me pictured below there at 18 for their bottomless bubbles and seafood brunch) really remind me of a different time in my life and feel somewhat familiar.

More rightly put, this is how I like to spend my down time.

I never really got not into overpriced Shoreditch bars, pop-ups, food-markets where alcohol means I'll be nursing a hangover for the the next three days OR shopping in London where there you can't seem to have a 1m circumference of walking space to yourself these days! (tutt!) 

Another massive change after finishing University is that my best friend stuck to her guns and followed her dreams leading her to Poitiers in France. I couldn't be more proud of you Laura. Our 7 - 8 months there spent teaching primary school children seemed like a world away from London; and I understand: London simply isn't for everyone. But for now, London is still my home and so I celebrated this year without her but in the forefront of my mind alongside Mama FabFoodie who I always spend my birthday with.

And so we came here: to Amaranto at The Four Seasons at Park Lane This isn't your typical three course set-menu similar to the one I took Mama FabFoodie to at The Westbury back in March. Amaranto is more of a relaxed lunch restaurant where you can choose between brunch or lunch options. As you can see from the menu, the Eggs section for brunch is of significant size! They have a great range of Belgian Waffles, Steak & Eggs, Truffled Eggs and Italian-influenced brunch dishes such as Rustico with poached eggs, mozzerella, hash browns and tomatoes.

We were first served some delicious Italian sun-dried tomato brioche with olives. A lovely soft, fresh start to keep us nibbling whilst we chose our meal. And then the prosecco arrived: an excellent Adriano Adami Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut "Bosco di Gica". 

We decided to share a Caprese salad and Lobster Bisque for starters.

The Lobster Bisque was awarded quite the entrance before consumption.

One of the chefs from the kitchen came out to serve the lobster bisque which started off as a beautiful ceramic bowl with a delicate, modest selection of fresh lobster meat and a small purple flower in the middle of the dish. The bisque was poured over the top and the lobster slowly became submerged beneath this creamy, flavoursome volcanic soup. The key to a great bisque, is to make sure that you use the freshest seafood as it forms the basis of the soup from the broth. This is where the rich flavour came from but with a lasting thought to each sip, a hint of heat, some chilli most likely; every mouthful was heaven and the fresh piece of lobster hidden underneath the bisque was extremely tender and soft; an outstanding choice for starters. 

Home-made pesto and moist layers of fresh mozzarella stole the show with the  caprese salad which paired excellently with the bisque.

Mama FabFoodie chose the Seabass FIllet with bernaise sauce and spinach; a firm favourite of hers. And for myself, the lamb shanks, cooked medium rare with mushroom sauce and a side of salad. 

The lamb was succulent and tender and didn't require any accompaniments as a lot of traditional British dishes stick to. I enjoyed the meat with a mushroom sauce and finished off the main course with a light and crunchy side salad.

thWe thought we'd leave things there but then a trolley of spectacular desserts rolled in and we couldn't say no to the hazelnut, coconut mousse which was a soft sponge covered in a chocolate ganache. I delighted in the feathers made from white chocolate that decorated the ganache peaks. We also shared the elderflower pannacotta and rhubard centred compote which was light, fruity and beautifully presented in a glass bowl with flowers. As if this wasn't enough, the Four Seasons team then brought over a plate garnished with shimmered macaroons, chocolates and turkish delights. The Four Seasons do this to mark any special occasion so if you have an anniversary, graduation, birthday or want to say thank you I'd strongly recommend taking someone here. 

What I want to emphasise from this visit is the reality that you should all be eating at places such as The Four Seasons more often.
A Belgian Waffle for breakfast here, is £9 and the Lobster Bisque (a mains dish) comes at just £12. London brunch spots and let's not forget the old-time favourite gastro pubs have caught onto the foodie ritual young Londoners have developed of weekend brunching. What technically should be £5 for some avocado on toast with feta cheese has somehow justified itself at almost £10. Ditto for Sunday Roasts which have doubled in price. You'll get a lot more for your money going to somewhere special such as the Four Seasons where the atmosphere, the quality of food and the service makes this choice of restaurant much better value overall. 

Lunch at Amaranto at The Four Seasons, Park Lane is great for:

  • Special Occasions

  • Light lunches

  • Classy Breakfasts

  • Great with Parents, Grand-parents

  • Summer Weather as they have a great outdoor eating area

Find out more about Amaranto:


*This post was sponsored by The Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane. All views are my own and completely honest of my experience. A big thank you to the team there for working with me to review this restaurant.