The Posted Pantry

The Posted Pantry are a new company that delivers a selection of locally sourced, artisan food snacks that are delivered to you each month. In April, I tried their box of the month which arrived very quickly, one day after postage. 

Let's see what's inside. The box came with the five carefully picked products of the month, all from small independent food companies. I love the way it gives exposure to small food companies and I think it's better to receive a variety of things rather than five of the same type of product. I'd tried Husk & Honey before but not the other four and it was fun to learn and try out these new brands.


The box is sleek and has a volume that is very cleverly designed to fit through your letterbox. I honestly think this is a great idea because I often miss parcels and get that dreaded red piece of paper from the postman saying I need to trek to a far away collection point to retrieve it. The black ribbon looked gorgeous (I actually kept it) and I liked their signature stamp on the box too. The look and design are simple and effective.


Each box comes with a list of the products included, some information about the product and source and also includes a suggested recipe for each product.


1) The Lincoln Imp sausage was beautifully wrapped and contained some dried fruits giving it a slightly sweet flavour. It tasted even better with some cheese. Yes

2) The Snact. fruit snacks really didn't do it for me. Unfortunately everything about the product put me off - the texture was strange, the taste was weird and the idea of fresh fruit being compressed and rolled out into this rough-surfaced strip wasn't very appetising. No

3) The small Local Honey Man honey sample was fine but I'm not sure there was enough of it to do something with it. I ate it with some porridge and put it in some tea with lemon; it tasted lovely and is a nice touch but it's small size makes it difficult to do something substantial with it. Whereas with the Lincoln Imp Sausage I chopped it up like chorizo and served it on a board with a selection of cheeses. Yes with bigger size

4) I've had Husk & Honey granola several times before and I'm a huge fan. I was very impressed to find them in my box and really enjoyed them with some greek yoghurt and banana. I think the Quinoa and Buckwheat flavour was delicious and the size of the pouch lasts up to three breakfasts too. Yes

5) 2 Broke Blokes Finca Muxbal Coffee from Mexico tasted so strange to me. The packaging and logo really stood out and I was so excited to try them. I found the coffee tasted rather bitter and that the flavour was not very pleasant. I don't think one blend should set my opinion of them and I'd happily try another variety such as their Chania Estate blend from Kenya.  Not in this blend


I really love the idea of receiving a selection of food products each month that support small independent companies. It's really nice to receive a new selection each time too - it reminds me of that wonderful feeling of not knowing what's in your christmas stocking every year as a child.  

When I first looked at The Posted Pantry's instagram account, I saw an image of one of the products with a lovely bunch of flowers in a garden. I instantly thought that a handful of small flowers such as some daffodils would be included in the box  and really felt that this was a unique and very clever idea. I know that flowers are not directly a food but I think that including three or four stems of a plant, maybe even some fresh herbs from local nurseries would really add to that 'pantry' feel. 

In addition, if there may be an issue with flowers getting damaged or wilting, then perhaps including some tomato or chilli seeds instead. I even found some edible flower seeds in town the other day. I'd love to receive a box that brings a little inspiration to your home with products related to food or lifestyle. You could even include a small candle made from food like honey which has been made by local producers. I see that since my April box there's been some teas and chocolate added and size of products have increased too. I would love to receive a personalised box with products that represented a more organic, fresh lifestyle as a whole. 

Overall, a great product with a great purpose. I think expanding the variety of products under the food umbrella and being more picky with products would give The Posted Pantry a very defining edge that would make them extremely popular!