Take Eat Easy: London's Next Food Delivery Giant

With exams looming for London's University students, their appetite for indulgent food to distract and soothe from gruelling revision has never been so insatiable. Food Delivery companies in London are cropping up more and more due to the increasing amount of time that we spend glued to our screens. Whether this is time spent in front of a television screen watching Netflix or in front of the computer screen at work, we now want our food made for us and brought to us to eat whilst we work.

London's Food Delivery cater to the majority of companies whose workforce are looking for a much more convenient and quick meal during their lunch break. The Maughan Library, one of King's College London oldest and most beautiful libraries located just off of Fleet Street, has recently made itself a 24h library and has seen a rise in the number of students choosing to revise from the early evening into night.

My story begins on one gloomy night in the library whilst working away on some French Language Coursework. At 8pm, my dinner cravings hit and my friend and I started searching online for somewhere nearby to grab something to eat. However, we'd already set up camp at our desks with all of our bags and books nested together amongst various jackets, scarves, lunch-boxes... 

I decided to reach out to food delivery companies in London to see if they could help me show how University students can equally benefit from food delivery services in the same way that employees in an office do.



Take Eat Easy are a new Food Delivery Company that has crossed the channel from France and Belgium to join us here in one of the world's biggest food capitals. Delivering food from London's trendiest hotspots such as Ceviche, Pizza Pilgrims and Babaji, the trio of founders behind this company wanted to bridge the gap between customer and venue by providing an exclusive dining experience to a location that is most convenient for the hungry consumer. Almost 50% of the restaurants that Take Eat Easy deliver from is unavailable from other delivery companies, making their clientele bespoke and tailored to cater for London's most passionate foodies.

On this occasion, I decided to compare and review burgers from two of London's biggest names in the burger business: Patty & Bun and Bleecker Street. They both coincidentally happen to be Food Truck businesses too and have their own unique story behind their name.

Take Eat Easy Delivery Order:

Patty & Bun

Lamb Shank Redemption £9.50

Smokey Robinson Burger £9.75  

Chips with Rosemary Salt £3.25 

Brisket Tots £6.00

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Black Burger £10.00

Double Cheeseburger £9.00

Square Root Lemonade £2.50



The Patty & Bun Delivery arrived exactly on time according to the Take Eat Easy tracking service. I received a text message after sending my order and you can also track the distance and minutes between your request and arrival time. My courier telephoned me to let me know he was outside and in no time I was outside the library with my new brown paper package.

Oh Ello...The smell from the bag was unbelievably good.

I loved the customised packaging that Patty & Bun use which features personalised stickers, the beautiful stylised font on the bag and the stenciled red text on the pot of Brisket Tots. I feel this really added to the exclusivity of eating from this particular restaurant and reflects the company's pride in its work.

The Lamb Shank Redemption [left] and Smoky Robinson Burger [right] 

The Lamb Shank Redemption 8.5/10

This burger is a rare find; sandwiched between deep fried courgette, aubergine and cheese it already ticks the boxes on so many levels. The burger itself, seasoned beautifully with spices and herbs gave a really flavoursome taste. It wasn't greasy and turned out to be a real favourite amongst the group. 

The Smoky Robinson 7/10

I'll start off by saying that this burger was cooked to perfection.  On the Take Eat Easy website, you can specify how you want your burger cooked; I chose pink, and they certainly delivered here [sorry for the pun!]
There was a lot of smokiness, but not simply because they'd just wacked a load of smoked bacon or some sneaky smoky packet mix into some ketchup. Their home-made smoky sauces were really fresh and the choice of cheese really complemented them too. I'm not a huge fan of smoky sauces, hence why I've given them a 7, but I love how they offer this on the menu to those looking to satisfy their cravings for a smokier sensation.

Sides Brisket Tots & Rosemary Chips

I haven't given these a number rating as this is purely a burger off between these two restaurants. However, I can't rate praise these babies enough. They are the devil's jewels: a fresh, crispy, melt in your mouth outer layer (it's like we're going back to my love of scotch eggs again) that cases the most wonderful succulent brisket beef. You receive about 5 of them in their retro, stencilled pot. I felt that this is very good value for money as a side option at £6.00. The chips cooked with rosemary (£3.25) were really yummy and were served in another lovely branded paper bag.


Bleecker Street Burgers

My expectations for how these burgers would taste were already through the roof. Fellow foodie friends like @thinkingfood247, an avid fanatic for the Bleecker Black Burger, had already expressed what could only be described as some kind of sacred worshipping to Bleecker Street. The company was founded by Zan Kaufman, a burger loving American (which American doesn't love burgers though?) who decided to leave behind his job in Finance in the Big Apple and move to London to set up a food truck. It seems clear from its reputation, that Zan has blessed Londoners with the arrival of his burgers made from rare-breed, pasture-fed beef and is cooked at default to medium rare. 

Another fantastic branded bag. Is it just me or does super branding make you really giddy and excited? Maybe it's just me, but there's something so inspiring about a company that goes the extra mile to create a lasting impression for a customer.

(Even the white foam boxes are branded with their logo.) This is the Double Cheeseburger. I didn't order sides with this delivery but I did want to try Square Root London's Lemonade. My best mate and I saw this in my local cafe in Dalston and have had our eye on the brand. Their drinks are handmade in Hackney. It was a really fragant soda and was a great drink to accompany the burgers.

The Double Cheeseburger 8/10

They're certainly not messing about at Bleecker Street; this burger was definitely one of the best I've ever tasted and is even better than it looks with its soft, buttered sesame seed bun, medium rare cooked beef, scratch sauce and authentic american cheese. It's an absolute masterpiece and I can see why there's so much hype now. The key to achieving this is down to simplicity as Zan states that he "likes to keep things simple". Simple and effective in my opinion, is always a recipe for success when it comes to good food.

The Bleecker Black 9.5/10

All hail the mothership of all burgers: The Bleecker Black. Medium rare cooked beef patties sandwiching a patty of fresh black pudding, with onions, cheese and their own scratch burger sauce. Forgive me for I have sinned and succumbed to my utmost food temptations here. The amount of calories in this one sitting must be more than I can imagine but heck, who cares when its your first time trying Bleecker Street Burgers. This was absolutely phenomenal; I can describe it to you as much in as many words that will fit this page, but words will never be able to quantify the level of yummyness that can be packed within one burger. Bleecker Burger flip and serve daily at Spitalfields, as well as Southbank or Canary Wharf. I'll leave the rest up to you... 


Patty & Bun = 15.5 / 20

Bleecker Street = 17.5 / 20

Both burger restaurants were extremely impressive and I am so glad that I was finally able to try some of their food. Patty & Bun produce superb original creations, carefully laced with specific ingredients to give them their signature taste. Bleecker Street on the other hand (or should I say in this case, 'in' the other hand) is an authentic model for the All-American dream burger that Londoners are craving more of. Thank you again to Take Eat Easy for the seamless ordering and delivery process.

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