Grill Market, Chelsea

I'm now into day five of my #monthofnomeat and there can't have been anywhere better to have to celebrate the goodness of a vegetable based diet then here at Grill Market. (Vegetarians and Vegans take note!) Grill Market's main branch is in Holborn but on this occasion, I visited their smaller cafe in Chelsea which is joined to the Lomax Bespoke Fitness Centre in the upstairs of the building. This means that when customers have finished their classes, they can have replenish with one of Grill Market's protein smoothies or freshly made Vegan burgers. 

There's lots of choice on the menu ay Grill Market (always a positive start to a meal) and the cafe caters for brunch, lunch and dinner. After choosing off the lunch menu, I very quickly became envious of other customers who had decided to go for the breakfast options at lunch time.
I glanced over at the wealth of highly 'instagrammable' #cleaneating food porn around me such as Protein Pancakes, Smashed Avo on Toast with lime, mint, feta, Coconut Milk Porridge. At an average of £7 for each breakfast item, these dishes turn out to be slightly cheaper than some dishes at London's favourite brunch places. Hooray!

My guest and I were here for lunch and we decided to have the Courgette and Chickpea Burger and the Halloumi with Harissa, both with a selection of salads from the salad buffet. 

Grilled Halloumi with Harrisa

With the first few bites, our faces lit up: "Oh my god! So good!", we both said to each other. 
The halloumi cheese was really flavourful, not rubbery and all of the salad to accompany our main component was extremely fresh and delicious. The Vegan Courgette and Chickpea burger was fantastic; it had a great texture and taste and with the the yoghurt dip, it was an excellent hearty lunch. 

The Vegan Courgette and Chickpea Burger

Their mains comprise of a grilled option with a variety of salads to accompany. You can choose from Teriyaki Salmon Fillet, Spiced Lamb Kofte, Seared Caramelised Steak but as I'm not eating meat this month I chose the Courgette and Pomegranate Burger to go with the Halloumi with Harissa. 

Grill Market make all of their food from scratch and I loved the flexibility and accomodating nature they have towards dietary requirements or simply a preferences of certain ingredients. The importance of eating well and maintaining great taste is pre-requisite to their fantastic ethos and they have really gone out of their way to create new snacks and dishes using raw and healthy alternatives to our classic, favourite snacks.

They have a refrigerator full of delicious treats to take away. My favourite was the Paleo scotch egg made with a mushroom casing instead of pork. If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll be pleased to find that they have a very seductive selection of yummy treats made using natural alternatives like coconut, raw cacao or pure peanut butter. The interior of the cafe reflects the quality of the food; clean, fresh and colourful. 

We finished our lunch with a soya cappuccino, almond latte and a coconut and chocolate chip cookie. They also offer coconut oil with their coffee! I'd never heard of that before. The cookie had a really nice texture; it wasn't dry but slightly sweet and soft. I'd love to try and make some of these at home!

If you're into fitness, eating well or just feel like delicious food that's totally guilt free then Grill Market is definitely worth visiting. It will prove to you how Vegan or Vegetarian eating doesn't have to be a boring way of eating. Grill Market really wowed me as a company that creates their own recipes focusing on the brilliance of a healthy and fulfilling food life. 

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