Hackney Coffee Company

Located just around the corner from Cambridge Heath Station on 499 Hackney Road, this quiet, two-floored cafe turned out to be an ideal venue for a very low-key Sunday treat.

I'll start off by saying that Hackney Coffee Company isn't the place if you're specifically looking for food. It's a cafe that focuses on great coffee, a unique atmosphere (I'll get to that in a moment) and a nice selection of cakes and snacks to accompany your drink. That doesn't mean to say the food is average, it's just more about the great coffee and cafe culture.

An almond latte and soya cappuccino to begin with. Both were delicious, very smooth, not bitter and brought to us upstairs on a small inner terrace surrounded by lots of interesting books and the most beautiful deep red, chesterfield sofa. I adored the deep reds, terrarium plants and roses on the tables and the quirky artistry of the cafe's interior.

The Red Leicester, Comte, Emmental, Red Onion Chutney Toastie (V) £4.50

The food at HCC is simplistic but very well suited to the relaxed nature of your visit. Bacon butties, fresh croissants, soup, some very cheesy toasties, toast with jam and peanut butter and a choice of some yummy cakes and snacks make up the food menu. Personally, I felt these choices suited the quiet workspace that the cafe provides. As well as having a bite to eat or having a caffeine fix, you can also browse through the excellent choice of books from their upstairs library or share these with one or two friends. 

The Turkey, Brie and Pesto Toastie. £4.50 

The toasties were both really satisfying. I particularly loved the onion chutney with my red leicester cheese. These are fairly safe options as home-made favourites. I love cheese, who doesn't, but perhaps two or three more toastie choices might bring a bit more variety to all the cheesiness! I feel toasties can still be made from toasted bread without needing to use melted cheese. A tuna mayo and watercress toasted sandwich or another vegetarian option of avocado and grilled aubergine could be some more comforting additions to suit. 

For a sweet finish, we tried the blueberry crumble cake, brownie with white chocolate and raspberry and a cold pressed 'MOJO' juice. My blueberry crumble cake was very pleasant but the brownie was alarmingly delicious. The inside was moist with raspberry flavour and rich and chocolately! With the cheesiness of my sandwich, it was difficult to finish the cake. 

The very delectable chocolate brownie with raspberry and white chocolate.

We then went and sat in the secret study behind one of the bookcases! I thought this was a great feature to the cafe. Free Wifi and plugs are provided too so you can crack on with your work or relax in leisure on the beautiful red-leather armchairs. I had a really lovely visit to the Hackney Coffee Company and would strongly recommend it for a quiet solo visit or with one other friend. Great coffee with a very flexible choice of drinks (soya and almond milk available) and easy, comforting home-made food are guaranteed. In addition to having your food drink to go, you can also purchase other food products on display such as Dr. Strangelove Espresso, PROPER Corn (my favourite) and ChariTea drinks. 

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