Mextrade is a UK-based entrepreneurial company founded in 2010 that stocks authentic Mexican food products. The company provides a range of food products to 85% of Mexican restaurants in London. Through this endeavour, founders Luis and Ramon strive to bring a taste of Mexico to the U.K's food scene. Mextrade are also the biggest wholesalers of products from the brand 'La Costena', Mexico's biggest canned goods company. In addition to their commitment to quality Mexican food products, Mextrade pride themselves off of their first-class customer service.

The products that I am reviewing from Mextrade:

[Left to right] Refried Pinto Beans, Chipotle (smoked jalapeño peppers), Mole (sauce made from chocolate, chilies, nuts, spices), Salsa Para Verdes (made essentially with tomatillo, a tangy fruit like a small green tomato and my Talavera Spoon (to highlight the strong influence of spanish pottery style on Mexican cuisine). 

1. Salsa Para Enchiladas Verdes 

I decided to use this salsa to cook fresh diced chicken breast. I found several recipes that recommended cooking chicken in it completely and then adding cheese during the last 10 minutes and serving with rice or quinoa.

The Salsa Para Verdes smelled very fresh, tangy, was very easy to use and cooked the chicken flawlessly. It was probably the best result of cooking meat in a sauce that I've ever tried. The chicken came out completely white, soft and so juicy. I am a massive fan of this product. 

2. Chipotle - used to make Chipotle Mayonnaise

The smoked jalapeño peppers were rich in colour and in spicy, tangy smell too, almost like a chutney. Unless you want your mouth to be on fire, you need to take the seeds out in the middle and run the pepper under the tap before using them. They were really great as a mayonnaise and provided a kick to sweet potatoes fries. 

3. Mole Sauce - Used with Chicken Enchiladas

Mole Sauce is typically based around chilli peppers, although it is not very spicy. It can be made with chocolate, nuts and spices. This particular brand was mild, without a strong smell, and added a good extra layer of soft texture and extra flavouring to the chicken enchiladas. It softened the enchiladas and was combined very well with cheese. I didn't find that it had a particularly strong taste and was more of an extra addition rather than an essential component to the dish. 

4. Refried Pinto Beans

Refried Pinto Beans are apparently the mashed potato of Mexican cuisine! Excellent as side dishes or incorporated into quesadillas as vegetarian options, they are easy to make and this product came ready to eat and only required re-heating.  

The appeal of this product comes with convenience; however I wasn't too keen on the texture of the product as it had been tinned and had a congealed layer on top. When re-heating the beans, they did mix well and didn't look so jelly-like. They tasted a little bit fishy too me but were still enjoyable along with tortilla chips and with my enchiladas. 

The Meal that I made with the four MexTrade products:

[clockwise] Chicken cooked in Salsa Para Verdes, Tortilla Chips, Brown Rice, Refried Pinto Beans, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Sweet Potato Fries [middle] Chicken Enchiladas with Mole.

Chicken Enchiladas with Mole Sauce. This tasted even better the second day as leftovers as all the flavours had infused.

Chipotle Mayonnaise with Sweet Potato Fries and Tortilla Chips

Salsa Para Verdes - This was my favourite product as it was super easy to use, cooked the chicken perfectly and tasted so fresh. 


My overall experience with MexTrade was extremely pleasant. From the first moment of contact from Haydee, they were extremely reliable, helpful and friendly. My package arrived within a day or two and was wrapped beautifully; all items were in great condition and were fresh. 

If I were to try more of their products, I would love to try their Whole Black Beans by La Sierra and La Consteña's Green Tatamada Salsa. Mexican cuisine as a whole, is heavily influenced by Spanish traditional cooking and meals are predominantly based on corn, chillies and beans. Mexican cuisine focuses on freshness and high quality of ingredients, which is exactly how I love to cook at home. This was a lot of fun and I hope to try out more traditional Mexican-style dishes in the future. 

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