The Kitchenette, New York

This delightful diner come bakery style kitchenette is the culinary creation of chefs Ann Nickinson and Lisa Hall. With three branches sprinkled over New York City in Uptown, Tribeca and High Falls, The Kitchenette is a foodie haven that will satisfy your taste buds all round the clock, serving Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner.

The atmosphere was airy, relaxed and we were welcomed with smiles, aprons and the wafting scent of sweet biscuits and crispy bacon. 

The interior incorporates a retro-diner feel with pink, yellow and green polkadot tables and walls paired with blue shabby chic ornament cabinets that display all of their sugary treats.

As breakfast food is daily served until 4pm, I wanted a real American diner experience for my late breakfast.

I ordered the Lumberjack: Two eggs (scrambled), Two plain pancakes and bacon $13, plus $1 to have my pancakes with Blueberries. I know there's usually meant to be French Toast, potatoes and/or omelette included but I felt this was the most iconic combination and a realistic portion.

The soft doughy pancake complimented by the sweet and juicy blueberries hidden within, made the anticipation worth the wait.
The meal on a taste factor was nothing extraordinary but provided real comfort food, echoing Zagat's view of The Kitchenette as "The best place to go for Mom's cooking!". I was starving by the time I arrived around 1pm, and stuffed by the end of it. 

The pancakes were very yummy but I'm not used to eating 2 thick stacks along with eggs and bacon so I had to leave a little bit at the end! The service was excellent; the staff all very friendly and not overly happy as this can sometime give the impression of being a tad condescending. 

I would definitely recommend The Kitchenette to others just as it was recommended to me: a real treat and perfect for brunch.
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