[CLOSED] Mino, Kingston Upon-Thames

Mino Sushi Restaurant
20 Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1BB

Mino is somewhat hidden from the bustle of Kingston Upon-Thames’s wide selection of restaurants. It is situated next to the town centre’s Hippodrome Night Club at 20 Eden Street. It is easy to find and you never need to book in advance. Unlike it’s most prominent sushi competitorYo Sushi!  that recently opened on the top floor of the Bentalls Centre, Mino offers a nice recluse from the noisiness and long queues as often seen outside of Yo Sushi! that assemble patiently for the delicious Japanese cuisine. 

Staff & Atmosphere

The staff in the restaurant greet you with a warm smile upon arrival and ask where you’d like to sit. They were all very friendly, attentive and were very knowledgable about the menu. The décor of the place is tranquil, calming and reminds me of a Japanese meditation garden filled with pink blossom trees, little water fountains and iconic lanterns that line the windows. 



The menu has lots to choose from and does not only provide different types of sushi. It includes appetizers, soups, noodles, meat platters, combination platters, tempura, rice dishes, Katsu, Meat Dishes, Maki, some beautiful seafood salads and bento boxes. 

The chef has created a personalized ‘Comibination Menu’ such as his ‘Teardrop Sushi Roll’ with an Apple Mayonnaise Sauce, or the famous 'Kingston Sushi Roll' that is a California roll topped with prawn tempura and homemade spicy mayo on top, garnished with flying fish roe, prawn tempura, flying fish roe, crab stick, cucumber, avocado.

A real selection to make your mouth water. The strong variations of Katsu Curries, Seared Beef and Signature Dishes demonstrates the hidden expertise within their kitchen.


The drinks menu boasts different types of Japanese Sake, Beers and Cocktails all along with recommended serving options, and several non-alcoholic options. What I liked about the drinks menu was that it gave you the choice between discovering some of the Japanese alcoholic drinks that the staff will happily inform you about or alternatively, if these are not to your taste as I personally found the Sake too strong, there are some delicious cocktails to choose from too. 


Now for the most important part, the price. The menu is extremely reasonable which is probably why as a student, this restaurant has always stood out to me as somewhere that is good value for money. The Ngiri sushi pieces for Salmon, Eel, Salmon roe, Flying fish roe, Squid, Seabass, Octopus are around £4.60 for 3 pieces and for 5 pieces of the sashimi alone around £10. The sushi rolls that are served and baked with the creamy mayonnaise sauces are a little bit more expensive around £7 each. 

The Chicken Katsu Curry is £9.60 and the most expensive Bento Box is £12.80. The company has also recently begun providing discounts for students and according to their Facebook page, a free Sake drink with take-away orders.

Overall, my bill of three dishes plus an alcoholic drink came to about £20 for quite a lot of food. In comparison to other popular Asian restaurants nearby like Wagamama and Yo Sushi!, where the average price per head is around £25 to £30, I think I’ve found a superb alternative. 

4 ticks out of 5

This restaurant also delivers from 17.30 onwards

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