The Black Farmer - Premium Pork Gluten-Free Sausages

A fantastic photo of Wilfred on his farm on the border of Devon and Cornwall. Image by The Evening Standard

A fantastic photo of Wilfred on his farm on the border of Devon and Cornwall. Image by The Evening Standard

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is the face behind 'The Black Farmer' gluten-free British food range. This is certainly a very inspiring brand which has flourished from all of Wilfred's determination and hard-work. After working as a producer/director for the BBC's Wilfred's dreams of owning his own farm were soon achieved and inspired him to start up his own company. The Black Farmer products are gluten-free meat products that come from quality assured farms in Britain and are now sold in most UK supermarkets and online at Ocado. The products range from sausages, burgers, chickens, chicken breasts and meatballs with many different flavours too. In reviewing The Black Farmer's gluten-free premium pork sausages, it was clear that the quality and taste of the products really prove testament to Wilfred's perseverance and dedication to his his work. In addition to his commitments on the farm, Wilfred also runs a scholarship scheme that he launched in 2005 which aims to give people from the inner city communities the chance to experience life in a rural community. 

The Review

I really like the branding of the product; the name gives a personal element and instills a sense of the traditional and rural, complemented by the beautiful silhouetted image. Their slogan "Flavours without Frontiers' enforces the gluten-free and premium quality of the products. It also makes me feel as a consumer, that the company have gone the extra mile to create a product that doesn't compromise quality over taste.

I popped the sausages in the oven for around 35 minutes on 180 degrees. Then some eggs in a pan with hot water to soft boil.

(Ready to eat!) The sausages cooked well and were not too oily coming out of the pan. 

The premium pork, gluten-free sausages were really tasty. Their texture was not chewy but very fresh, full of flavour and easy to bite into. I easily got through about three in about 15 minutes! 

I thought these were a really great product and I felt reassured and confident buying them a second time round knowing more about the company's commitment to the product quality and ethics behind the brand.
I'll admit I bought a 12-pack (don't judge!) that I found in my local Tesco's and have been eating them for breakfast since. Overall, I felt that this was a great brand with a fantastic story behind them. Wilfred quotes on his website that he 'will not be confined by race, convention or tradition.' I think this is a very positive message within the food world that will hopefully challenge stereotypes in a striving industry that is predominantly based on history, culture and tradition.