Vegan Fest, Olympia Hall

October 10th and 11th welcomed the return of VegFest, a festival dedicated to celebrating the goodness of Veganism. The festival offered a wide selection of Food stalls, talks, activities and lots of excitement as Vegan food fans eagerly assembled in the masses to taste all of the Vegan delicacies. As a non-Vegan, I was really curious to discover the difference in taste and texture between Vegan substitutes of things like Meat, Cheese, Milk, Cakes with non-Vegan food. One product, that I found tasted even better than its normal counterpart was Chocolate it was so much fresher and richer in taste; the Coconut milk-based drinks were also delicious. 

Veganism extends further than just diet; it is also a lifestyle concerned in the ethics and politics of animal rights and environmental conservation. Vegan or non-Vegan, this was an event to be enjoyed and to raise awareness of all the benefits and pleasure of eating non-animal based products.